‘Archer: Drift Problem’ Review

The great thing about Archer isn’t the action and espionage – I mean, the car chases and shouted snippets of dialogue are great, and Adam Reed’s take on spy clichés are hilarious

‘The Office: Special Project’ Review

Well, that was surprisingly good. There was a lot of actual, you know, story this week. This season has not really had much of a running plot but it looks like Special

’30 Rock: Hey, Baby, What’s Wrong?’ Review

The exciting prospect of a one hour episode of 30 Rock did not disappoint. With some of the quickest humor and more subplots than the show has seen in quite some time,

‘Modern Family: Me? Jealous?’ Review

Modern Family returned this week with a fun episode showcasing a lot of old dynamics in funny situation, including one of the best pairs on the show, Cameron and Gloria.

First ‘Bourne Legacy’ Trailer Shows Big Changes For the Franchise

Many thought that The Bourne Ultimatum would be the end of the series, but here comes The Bourne Legacy with a fresh new face to take on the action. This trailer did

‘The Woman in Black’ Review: A Decently Scary Horror Flick That Takes Too Few Chances

Horror movies are typically riddled with cliches and The Woman in Black is no exception. But the overuse of cliches can be forgiven since the entire movie is made like an older

Check Out the New Trailer For ‘The Amazing Spider-man’!

After a lot of buzz about secret events revealing new footage, a new trailer for The Amazing Spider-man was released to the public this morning.

Here Are All The Super Bowl Movie TV Spots!

It is hard to find a good time to go to the bathroom during the Super Bowl between all the commercials and, you know, football. But for movie fans, perhaps the most

‘Chronicle’ Review: Gimmicky Genre Bending At It’s Finest

Found footage movies and superhero movies have pretty much completely taken over their own genres. Every other horror movie has some goon behind a camera narrating this supposedly true story. Come summer,

‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Box’ Review

So far, this arc on Clone Wars has been pretty up and down. It has some really great moments but has not really found its footing as well as say the four