‘The Office: Trivia’ Review

So, how did The Office fare on its return episode? In a word, bad. Trivia actually had potential with both of its storylines, but they continued to tear down these opportunities in

’30 Rock: Dance Like Nobody’s Watching’ (Season Premiere) Review

30 Rock is back! Season six got off to a nice start with a very funny premiere that injected a bit of mystery into the show. Picking up from last season, Avery

‘Modern Family: Egg Drop’ Review

Egg Drop was an episode that had great ideas for plots but didn’t quite execute them to their full potential. However, this episode did continue the trend of more focused episodes that

‘War Horse’ Review: This Horse Needs to be Put Down

Saving Private Ryan remains arguably the best war movie of all time. It is truly amazing that a disaster as catastrophic as War Horse can come from the same director of that

Sony Moving Forward With ‘The Girl Who Played With Fire’

Despite what some have considered a commercial failure for David Fincher’s adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Sony is reportedly ready to move forward with the sequel, The Girl Who

‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Escape from Kadavo’ Review

Star Wars: The Clone Wars struck back in the new year with the conclusion of the three-part slavery storyline that we had seen just over a month ago. Escape from Kadavo was

‘Modern Family: Lifetime Supply’ Review

The third season of Modern Family has been good, but not great so far. Everything that came last fall just seemed a little bit like it was on autopilot, it got the

The Top 10 Movies of 2011!

2011 is wrapping up folks! That means it is time to reflect on what the best movies of the year were. I must say that I enjoyed my time at the movies

2012 Movie Preview: My Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies

Before I reveal my top ten films of 2011, I figured it would be best to look at the films coming out next year that I expect to make next year’s list.

‘Young Adult’ Review: Welcome Back to High School

I am extremely lucky to have seen this film with someone I went to high school with as I feel the conversation walking out of the theater would have been significantly less