‘South Park: Ass Burgers’ Review

After a summer of speculation and pure excitement over what South Park would do following one of the most talked about episodes ever, we got an episode that was both different, and

‘Modern Family: Door to Door’ Review

Everyone was in a similar boat this week on Modern Family, which was apparent with the sequence of quick cuts to different doors being knocked on by different characters. We had Manny

‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Shadow Warrior’ Review

Why? Why does this show constantly feel the need to include Jar Jar Binks as a major character? And why so far this season have we seen even more Gungans? WHY?! Okay,

’50/50′ Review: A Perfect Blend of Comedy and Drama Leads to an Eventual Classic

Most comedies can make you laugh for some of the time. Most dramas can make you cry for a few minutes. Not 50/50. You are either laughing or crying, sometimes both, but

‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Frank Reynolds’ Little Beauties’ Review

This was such a disturbing episode of this show. A toddler beauty pageant run by Frank and the rest of the gang? No one wants to see that…or do we? Because this

‘Drive’ Review: An Exciting Thriller for the Patient Viewer

Ryan Gosling is one hell of a driver, but in a movie titled Drive he doesn’t spend much time behind the wheel in a full blown chase. In fact, there are only

‘The Office: The Incentive’ Review

The best part of this show used to be the awkwardness but now it’s the heart. After eight seasons there is still a lot that this show has to offer when it

‘Modern Family: Phil on Wire’ Review

This was a busy episode of Modern Family. There were four completely different plot lines following the various characters this week. None of them were particularly funny enough to carry an entire

‘Terra Nova: Genesis’ (Season Premiere) Review

Terra Nova is a difficult pilot to review. Clearly the show has potential but perhaps a few new writers and actors could make it much better. I will say, however, that unlike

‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Prisoners’ Review

The three part underwater story came to an end this week in a very up and down episode that in the end had a nice payoff. This show can still pack a