The 5 Best Christmas TV Specials

Yesterday I did a countdown of of the five best Christmas movies. To continue all the holiday cheer, I decided to rank the five best Christmas TV specials. Enjoy!   5. A

The Best 5 Christmas Movies Of All Time

Christmas is less than three weeks away folks! After long days of shopping and wrapping there is nothing like sitting down in front of the TV. But what better to watch now

‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Slaves of the Republic’ Review

Cliffhangers suck, but that was one heck of an episode. The slave arc continued this week as Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, and Rex infiltrated the home planet of the slave owners, Ahsoka acting

Lady Gaga’s ‘Marry the Night’ Video is a Haunting Examination of the Young Star’s Life

Thirteen minutes and forty seven seconds. That is how long Lady Gaga is allowing herself to pour her disturbingly honest soul into what may be her most stunning music video to date.

‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Thunder Gun Express’ Review

Once again, It’s Always Sunny proves just how great it can be. Thunder Gun Express saw the gang all trying to go see the biggest blockbuster movie of the year. Naturally, it

‘The Office: Mrs. California’ Review

Talk about uneven huh? I have no idea where The Office is going but I have to admit I didn’t hate this episode, despite how uneven it was. The plot saw Robert

‘The Descendants’ Review: Paradise Lost

The Descendants is at times a very hard film to watch, yet it can also be very funny. The strange thing about these aspects of the film is that sometimes you will

‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Kidnapped’ Review

I have to admit as great as the last four episodes on Umbara were it was nice to finally return the focus to Anakin and Ahsoka. We have barely gotten to see

‘Hugo’ Review: Scorsese’s Latest is a Fun, Touching, and Beautiful Piece of Cinema

There is a quote early on in Hugo where a character describes their first experience at the movies. He says it was like “dreaming during the day”. Martin Scorsese has had a

‘A Very Gaga Thanksgiving’ Review

So when you heard about this what exactly did you expect? Regardless of what you thought this would be, Lady Gaga certainly pleased and surprised viewers this Thanksgiving night. She delivered herself