‘The Office: Mrs. California’ Review

Talk about uneven huh? I have no idea where The Office is going but I have to admit I didn’t hate this episode, despite how uneven it was. The plot saw Robert

‘The Descendants’ Review: Paradise Lost

The Descendants is at times a very hard film to watch, yet it can also be very funny. The strange thing about these aspects of the film is that sometimes you will

‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Kidnapped’ Review

I have to admit as great as the last four episodes on Umbara were it was nice to finally return the focus to Anakin and Ahsoka. We have barely gotten to see

‘Hugo’ Review: Scorsese’s Latest is a Fun, Touching, and Beautiful Piece of Cinema

There is a quote early on in Hugo where a character describes their first experience at the movies. He says it was like “dreaming during the day”. Martin Scorsese has had a

‘A Very Gaga Thanksgiving’ Review

So when you heard about this what exactly did you expect? Regardless of what you thought this would be, Lady Gaga certainly pleased and surprised viewers this Thanksgiving night. She delivered herself

2011 Holiday Movie Preview

Way back in August I did a Fall Movie preview where I picked five films from each of the remaining four months of the year and listed them as what I predicted

‘Modern Family: Punkin Chunkin’ Review

Ah Thanksgiving, a time to bring families together and let them try to tear each other apart. Punkin Chunkin had each household in conflict this week making for a more focused episode

‘The Muppets’ Review: A Charming Return of the Classic Characters, Light the Lights…

The extraordinary thing about The Muppets is that there is no age group or specific audience that won’t enjoy this movie. It literally has something for everyone. It has great music, hysterical

New ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Plot Details and Photos!

Empire magazine and Comingsoon.net had a nice surprise for Bat-fans this morning. Empire‘s cover story on The Dark Knight Rises has hit the interwebs and details on the plot are here. Nolan

‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Carnage of Krell’ Review

Well that was about as good of an ending as we could have gotten for this incredible story arc. This tale showcased so many things that we have seen before on this