‘Modern Family: Dude Ranch/When Good Kids Go Bad’ (Season Premiere) Review

There’s nothing like family, Modern Family that is. The show just won a handful of Emmys and certainly seems to deserve them in its third season premiere. We got two episodes of

‘Two and a Half Men: Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt’ Review

“His body just exploded like a balloon full of meat.” That is how it is described that Charlie Sheen’s character dies in the season 9 premiere of Two and a Half Men.

‘Lion King 3D’ Review: A Nearly Flawless Transfer of a Disney Classic

We all know how great the movie is. No other Disney movie achieves the epic feel or beautiful nature of the animation that The Lion King does. The characters are iconic and

‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars- Water War/Gungan Attack’ (Season Premiere) Review

It’s a shame that this show doesn’t have as big of a fan-base as it should. Clone Wars is consistently exciting and has managed to strike the tone of the original movies

‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Frank’s Pretty Woman’ (Season Premiere) Review

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia started their seventh season in style last night with an episode that had two great plots. The episode didn’t realize its full potential unfortunately but it still

The Top 20 ‘Star Wars’ Moments

This Friday the entire Star Wars saga finally hits blu-ray. Excited you ask? Despite an already infamous “Noooo!”, yes, I am very excited to see several of my favorite movies get the

‘Contagion’ Review: A Mostly-Thrilling Examination of Human Hysteria

The plot of Contagion is hardly original. Hollywood has produced many “virus outbreak” films over the past few decades. Few of them, however, are as fascinating to watch unfold as Contagion is.

‘Louie’ Season 2 Review

It is always great to see an already great show get even better. That is what a number of Louie episodes did this summer, making for an artistic comedy unlike any other.

‘Louie: Airport/New Jersey’ (Season Finale) Review

I have to admit, I am really going to miss Louie on Thursday nights. The show is a wonderful addition to my week. Tonight’s episode represented a lot of things about this

The 10 Best ‘X-men’ Characters in Film

This Friday, X-men: First Class is hitting blu ray and DVD, and I fully plan to pick it up. So to hold my excitement to see that wonderful film again, I’m doing