Academy Trims Fat on Best Picture Category

This morning, reported an interesting change to how the Academy Awards will be done this year. Rather than having 10 nominees for the Best Picture category, it will now be anywhere

The Top 10 DC Comics Films

Green Lantern looks as if it is going to light up the box office this weekend. Ryan Reynolds stars as the classic superhero from DC Comics. Could this be another big hit

The 5 Best and Worst Jim Carrey Movies

Mr. Popper’s Penguins hits theaters this Friday and I am sad to say, it looks awful. Jim Carrey stars in the movie and adds it to his list of fascinating career choices.

Major Studios Passing on ComicCon This Year

Over the years San Diego ComicCon has become the place to see exclusive previews of the biggest movies coming out, but it looks like that is about to change with this year’s

Charming ‘Midnight in Paris’ Delivers Laughs and Culture

I have to admit, I have not seen most of Woody Allen’s movies, and the ones that I have seen failed to impress me. However, Midnight in Paris strikes all the right

‘Super 8’ Monster Gets in its Own Way

Super 8 could have been great and there are moments of greatness, but they never seem to matter when the movie reveals what it is actually about. It should almost be two

Is ‘South Park’ Coming to an End?

Whoa. Did anyone see that coming? After 15 seasons, it looks like South Park might be coming to an end. Last night’s episode, appropriately titled ‘You’re Getting Old’, was a terrible episode

‘Batman: Arkham City’ Gameplay Footage at E3!

Well this was a treat! Fifteen minutes of gameplay footage from Batman: Arkham City, courtesy of, prove that this is going to be great! As if there were any doubts before

Aronofsky’s Next Film to be Retelling of Noah’s Ark?

Last year, Black Swan made over $300 million at the worldwide box office. This was the first major financial success that director Darren Aronofsky had seen (Best Picture and Best Director Academy

Microsoft Reveals ‘Halo 4’ at E3!

This week is the biggest week of the year in video games: E3! It is quite exciting to be honest, and Microsoft opened today with a big one, Halo 4. The trailer