Another Classic Butters Centric ‘South Park’ Episode

Season 15 of South Park has not been there best so far. The first five episodes have been hit or miss as they have not covered relevant topics as per usual on

Official ‘Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ Trailer Has David Fincher’s Signature

David Fincher has a had a great directing career. Starting with the vastly underrated Alien 3, up to last year’s Oscar winner The Social Network (with such hits as Se7en, Fight Club,

Visually Striking ‘Tree of Life’ Lacks Focus

Terence Malick’s The Tree of Life is a beautiful look at life, growing up, and well, anything else they can cram into its lengthy 2 hour and 18 minute run-time. The movie

‘The Lion King’ Coming toTheaters Again in 3-D

Time magazine is reporting that The Lion King will be re-released in theaters upgraded to the 3D format. The Disney film is already set for an October release of a limited edition

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