The Flash: “The Runaway Dinosaur” Season 2 Episode 21 Review

“The Runaway Dinosaur” was the episode of The Flash I’ve been waiting for. Season two has been at its best when it’s just been straight up weird. Whether its alternate dimensions featuring doppelgangers or Jaws homages

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Radiohead deliver another winner; a raw and divisive album that’s as dense as it is enjoyable.

A Bigger Splash Review: Sun-Baked Suspense

Director Luca Guadagnino’s latest film is a gorgeously shot and expertly acted exercise in hedonism. Even though not all of the plot points come together at the end, A Bigger Splash is still a dazzling

Game of Thrones: “Oathbreaker” Season 6 Episode 3 Review

Three episodes in, and the most notable difference between season six and the five that came before it is pacing. Game of Thrones is really moving some of its storylines along this season, which,

Legends of Tomorrow: “River of Time” Season 1 Episode 14 Review

The endgame for this first season of Legends of Tomorrow is upon us, revealing a surprisingly effective twist served with a side of terrible melodrama.

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Love—or lust, rather—is in the air in a slower paced, but still quite funny episode of Veep.

Captain America: Civil War Review: Pure Superheroic Bliss

We learned last summer when the ho-hum Avengers: Age of Ultron debuted that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has limits. No matter what mystical realm we explore or piece of metaphysics we unlock, these movies

Arrow: “Genesis” Season 4 Episode 20 Review

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when Arrow hit its creative peak. Each season has been far from perfect, but has stretches of episodes where things just clicked. I have a feeling most would say

The Flash: “Rupture” Season 2 Episode 20 Review

One thing is for certain, The Flash is building a steady momentum as we head toward season two’s endgame. The specific plot points make almost zero sense, but tension is forming. Tension, even when

Game of Thrones: “Home” Season 6 Episode 2 Review

Another busy entry for season six has the show atoning for its own sins. Characters die, kingdoms are overthrown, and yet, a moment of pure joy closes the episode, ensuring that this