The Survivalist Review: A Competent, Routine Dystopian Thriller

There’s really nothing remarkable about The Survivalist, there’s just also nothing outwardly bad about it either. As far as indie genre films go, this one is kind of just there in a

Better Call Saul: “Off Brand” Season 3 Episode 6 Review

“Just a name.” Not really, Jimmy. That name is destined to go on to define Jimmy McGill. It’s the one he’ll leave behind at the Cinnabon. It’s the only name Walt and

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 3 Review: Kimmy Can Still Clear the Clouds

To start, it’s important to note that we need shows like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt right now, much like the characters start to realize they need Kimmy in the show’s third season. Warm and sunny,

Alien: Covenant Review: Ridley Scott Steers the Beloved Series Back on Track

There are two sci-fi franchises chiefly associated with film that garner more respect than all the others: Star Wars and Alien. With their respective originals released two years apart in the ’70s,

Fargo: “The House of Special Purpose” Season 3 Episode 5 Review

Fargo needed something big to happen in “The House of Special Purpose.” Aside from one astounding episode, I don’t think there’s a viewer out there who would argue that season three isn’t at

Arrow: “Missing” Season 5 Episode 22 Review

Look, no one is pretending that Arrow did all the set up it needed to for the finale they’re going for to truly pay off. But “Missing” makes up a lot of ground. Next

The Leftovers: “It’s a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World” Season 3 Episode 5 Review

I remember when I fell in love with The Leftovers. It was season one, episode three, “Two Boats and a Helicopter,” where Matt Jamison took the show’s first solo perspective episode and ran

American Gods: “Head Full of Snow” Season 1 Episode 3 Review

As American Gods settles into its groove, it’s going to need to do something about Shadow Moon soon. Ricky Whittle has very little material thus far to attach us to his hero, aside from

Hounds of Love Review: Character First

So far, the 2017 indie scene will undoubtedly go down for the number of hyper-realistic, artistic horror films/thrillers that feature a simple but strongly emoted character arc. This new wave has left

Fargo: “The Narrow Escape Problem” Season 3 Episode 4 Review

Does Fargo need more special episodes like last week’s “The Law of Non-Contradiction.” We may only be four episode into season three, but there’s a bit of a sense of been there done that