Parks and Recreation: Animal Control Season 5 Episode 18 Review

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This week’s Parks and Recwent for politics again in an effective way. But one of the subplots really didn’t work.

Parks and Rec. has a knack for including as many strange citizens of Pawnee as possible. Animal Control brought that to the forefront when Leslie and Chris shut down the titular department because the “workers” don’t know how to do their jobs and get high all day. Naturally, this lead to a hilarious interview process that saw crazy Pawneeans, including Orin, interviewing for the job. Jamm, playing the villain once again, tries to bribe people into getting the job by coming into his dentist office. So Leslie decides that April would be perfect.

But it’s April so she has no intention of doing anything. Her interview goes hysterically bad, but then she comes up with the idea to merge the parks department and animal control, which even Jamm ends up voting for.

The other excellent story this week saw Ron Swanson getting sick, and Ann forcing him to go to the hospital. Sick Ron is hilarious Ron, as he refuses to accept any help whatsoever. Even funnier? The tag of him eating a banana.

Now on to the weak one. Tom, Ben, and Andy continue their work for the Sweetums charity foundation. They must get a rich young fellow give them money for the charity. He tells Ben to stop speaking, giving Andy the sweet moment of defending him. That was really all worth mentioning though.

But besides that, this was another solid, very funny episode. Yet another summer away from Pawnee is starting to sound sad. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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