Parks and Recreation: “Ann and Chris” Season 6 Episode 13 Review

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Ann and Chris left on a mostly high note that sent the characters off in a loving way, even if it overdid it at times.

Appropriately, this episode focuses on Leslie, Ben, and the rest saying goodbye to two of their best friends. Leslie plans to finally start the project that brought her and Ann together (in the pilot, no less). Ben and the guys do their best to come up with a going-away present for Chris. The former worked quite well while the latter left much to be desired.

No, Ann and Chris hardly packed the punch that its sister show, The Office, did when Michael Scott left. The gifts Chris had for his friends were charming, but did nothing to show the immortality of Chris on this series. Ben’s idea for the perfect gift kind of fell flat too. Still, it was hard not to get choked up with Ben and Chris hugged in the final moments of the episode.

Leslie and Ann have had the rockier relationship throughout the series, giving their final story together a little extra weight. Ann had some nice goodbyes with other character though too. The juxtaposition of Ron and Jerry’s was hysterical. And even I forget that this series started off with Ann and Andy dating and living together. But in the end, Leslie’s goodbye had to be the biggest. Pawnee Commons may not be close to being finished, but at least it’s started.

Their final scene together was tough. Rashida Jones reminded us after more than a few spotty episodes this season that she can in fact act. Their goodbye at the car window was touching and fairly real.

But, I have some gripes. The cheesy music and the final crane shot didn’t adhere to what Parks and Recreation is: a faux documentary. Yes, Ann and Chris’ departure was is a very sitcom-y event for the series, but it didn’t need to go that far. I hope we never see anything like that again on the series.

So no, Ann and Chris wasn’t the goodbye it could have been. But at least several moments landed incredibly well. Ann is going to leave an empty space in Leslie’s life. But there’s always the series finale. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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