Parks and Recreation: “Anniversaries” Season 6 Episode 14 Review

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The first Ann and Chris-less episode did a great job showing that this show can still be very funny.

It’s no secret that Parks and Rec. has been in a bit of a slump this season, but Anniversaries was a step in the right direction. Leslie has barely had to deal with the Pawnee-Eaglton merger with the recall and Ann and Chris’ departure, even though it’s actually a pretty huge event for the series. This episode tackled it head on with Leslie trying to build bridges between the people of these rival towns.

First off, the radio interview with the competing hosts from the two towns was hysterical. Followed by Leslie trying get an elderly couple, one from each town, to stop bickering, this storyline had some strong comedic moments. But you had to love the idea that the youth committee came up with at the end. It was perfect, as was Leslie’s hilarious speechless reaction.

But this episode got its title from Leslie and Ben trying to out-gift each other for their one year anniversary (has it really already been a year?!). Ben seems to have it in the bag with a series of perfect gifts, if he can get Leslie to come along, that is. When she gets tied up at work, who better than Jerry to accompany Ben on these misadventures? I know, you can probably think of a few people, but it was actually refreshing to see someone being nice to Jerry for once. Was their dance lesson over-the-top? Of course it was! But I still laughed pretty hard. And the Game of Thrones chair was perfect.

Meanwhile, April is adjusting to being Donna’s boss. She doesn’t know how to deal with Donna leaving to go shopping so she writes a scathing review on Yelp! (“Booooo”). But Ron has a different way of going about things, typing out personal letters with his name and address clearly visible and sending them to people he thinks deserve them (“Dear Canada, f*ck you.”). The point he makes to April is that he is direct and honest, which is what she needs to be if she’s to be a good boss. This storyline was very typical Parks and Rec. It was an easily solvable problem that had a sappy resolution, a formula the show has done to death this season. At least it was the C-plot.

All in all, Anniversaries was one of the more memorable entries from season six, mostly because of the budding friendship between Ben and Jerry (hehe, ice cream). One thing it didn’t directly address, but fits in with Leslie’s recent arc, is that Tom and April are capable of coming up with great ideas and running the parks department. This means Leslie may not have to soon. If these characters can have more goals, Parks and Rec. can resume being the best comedy on TV. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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