Parks and Recreation: “Are You Better Off?” Season 5 Finale Review

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Parks and Rec. ended its fifth season with a modest, yet meaningful finale.

Leslie has finished her first year as city councilwoman, and she begs the question of Pawnee, “are you better off?”. Unfortunately the people of Pawnee don’t think so. It was a good sentiment to have the people at the town meeting recalling the various decisions Leslie made this season, but it could have been funnier.

Eventually, things get so bad that the town wants to recall her. Leslie and Ben come up with a plan to counter the recall, but we won’t find out how it went until next season.

The big mystery of the finale saw Andy, as Burt Macklin, investigating a positive pregnancy test he found in the garbage at Ron’s cabin after a get together with everyone who is planning on having a kid. This was the best part of the finale as Ann was quickly ruled out and joined Andy to find the culprit. The best scenes included Tom’s girlfriend “psych”ing him, Andy bursting into the town meetin and asking Leslie if she’s pregnant, and April announcing she got into veterinary school.

Diane ends up being the pregnant one, and man I can’t wait to see Ron Swanson dealing with a baby.

The smallest story of the night dealt with Tom deciding whether to sell Rent-A-Swag to a mystery buyer, which he thinks is P Diddy. Ron advises him to turn it down and keep building his business. But the mystery buyer plans to put up shop right across the street from Rent-A-Swag. Sadly, this was another mystery we’ll have to wait until fall to be solved.

With Leslie fighting a recall, Tom fighting a buyer, Diane pregnant, and April heading to veterinary school, the board is set for season six. Of course, NBC hasn’t officially renewed Parks and Rec. yet, but the show is hardly in danger.

Are You Better Off? wasn’t quite the cap to the season that Win, Lose, or Draw was last year, but it served the purpose of a season finale, while offering at least one hilarious story. Grade: B

By Matt Dougherty

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