Parks and Recreation: Article Two Season 5 Episode 19 Review

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The first Parks and Rec. of the night was a bit short on laughs, but was still an entertaining half hour of television.

Pawnee suffers from some out of date laws this week (menstruating women must be confined to a bathtub), and Leslie wants to set things right. Patton Oswalt guest starred, filibustering the meeting with some hilarious ideas for Star Wars Episode VII (this was actually part of an eight minute improv that the actor did that was mostly cut but released online). This leads to a contest between Leslie and he to see who can last in olden times the longest. Tom and Andy serve as referees (“Butter is my favorite food!”). But when Leslie realizes her competitor has no friends, she forfeits and finds him a job. Happy ending, but not the funniest, besides some great moments from Andy as usual.

Meanwhile, Chris wants to train April in positive leadership. She goes to Ron to get out of it, who then gets roped in as quickly as she did. This was another weak story, besides Ron bossing around Jerry at the end.

But my favorite part of the episode was Ann and Ben’s war for the waffle iron gift for Leslie. You see, Leslie has anniversaries such as Breakfast Day with her close friends, and the mail woman. A bunch of well made Game of Thrones references concerning Ben’s username, and Donna saying that the whole cast can “get it”, made it all the more enjoyable. They figure out a way to stop the needless holidays forever and go in on the waffle iron together. It gets turned into “Ann week”, “Ben week” and “Friend week”. Only you Leslie…

Still though, this was a slow episode of Parks and Rec. but not devoid of some great moments. Grade: B

By Matt Dougherty

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