Parks and Recreation: Bailout Season 5 Episode 16 Review

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A major story development occurs in an overall uneven episode.

One of the best things about Parks and Rec. is that due to it being about government, it can be topical, especially in this climate. So an episode focused on Leslie wanting to save a movie renting store (owned by guest star Jason Schwartzman) with a bailout will have many viewers remembering 2008. Of course, since this is comedy, the store owns not one popular film and a tech-savvy iPhone user keeps pointing out how you can watch any movie online. Ron’s opposition, for once, doesn’t feel exaggerated, showing how smart and political these characters can get.

But then, the video store gets turned into a porn store, including Brandi Maxxxx playing Leslie in a porn version of the bailout story. Then the story kind of just ended. Jason Schwartzman felt a bit wasted didn’t he? But the ideas were still strong, even if the payoff was nonexistent. Although a look at the porn was hysterical.

Meanwhile, Tom is hosting a Rent-A-Swag party and Ben suggests that Chris sees if he can handle being a parent by watching over Tom. But Tom becomes infatuated with Jean-Ralphio’s sister (Jenny Slate). Chris gets frustrated, but then Jerry picks him up, until the babbling that is, in the sort of sweet yet funny moment only this show can deliver. Then he gave a nice speech to Tom, who’s sticking with his best friend’s sister.

Finally, April announces to Ann that she wants to go to veterinary school, and wants a letter of recommendation from Ann. This gives Ann the upper hand for once, as she puts it. They do have an adorable moment singing, hilariously interrupted by Donna, as they bond over April’s curiosity over Ann’s baby wishes.

The final moments included Chris agreeing to let Ann have his sperm. A major story development in sort of a lackluster episode. That always helps. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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