Parks and Recreation: Ben’s Parents Review

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Season five of Parks and Rec has finally found some focus and we got a classic episode that used just about every character with style.

Leslie and Ben’s engagement could be just what this show needs to pick things up this season.

Ben’s parents are divorced and really have trouble getting along. That naturally makes for an interesting engagement party as Leslie is determined to fix everything. A ton of little moments are what made this episode so great. I found myself laughing from beginning to end. Everyone threatening Ben if he ever hurt Leslie was great a highlight. Leslie and Ben got some cute moments too, particularly the scene int he cab. Naturally they figured out a way to subdue Ben’s parents to be civil at the wedding.

Meanwhile at the party, Chris was struggling with his emotions, as he has been all season. But tonight he had Ann, April and Andy to get him through it. Oh, and Champion of course.

The weakest part of tonight’s episode was Tom’s story with Jean-Ralphio, which saw them working on another company after their huge failure last season with Entertainment 720. But at least Tom had the sense this time to get his friend out of the project. Jean-Ralphio has never been my favorite character to watch, but he was especially annoying tonight. That was supposed to be the point but it actually just made the story annoying. I didn’t think this was a lesson we needed to see Tom learn again. But Ron Swanson’s belief in Tom at the end was great.

This was my favorite episode of the season so far as it really delivered the laughs and set up some interesting story elements for the future of the season. Grade: A-


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