Parks and Recreation: Correspondent’s Lunch Season 5 Episode 15 Review

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The second Parks and Recreation of the night made good use of the whole cast.

It seems weird that NBC would follow the wedding with a second episode when last week was the “To Be Continued” business. That would have made things like Leslie and Ben already being back from their honeymoon a little less awkward. But when you look past the timing, this was another great episode.

Now that Leslie and Ben are married off, the show seems to immediately be switching gears to another couple, Ann and Chris. With Ann wanting to be a mother and needing a biological father, who better than the always positive, physically fit Chris to be the one to share this with her. Could we see some romantic tensions between them in the future? Based on the way it was handled in this episode, sure, let’s do more of that. Giving Ann something to do is a big deal. She’s always supporting, never really at the center. This shift in focus feels fresh and can help keep the show alive.

The meat of the episode, however, dealt with Leslie’s speech getting stolen and having to come up with something on the spot. It’s refreshing to have Leslie, and Amy Poehler, back in a situation where she can make a fool of herself and just be hilarious. This season has seen her do a lot of “this is for the good of the town” and “I love Ben” stories. With Ann center stage, Poehler can kick back and bring on the comedy.

Andy’s depression after not getting the police officer job got another major story tonight. April tells Ben why he is so sad, causing the sweet moment where he offers him a job at the company. Andy is a little closer to finding his way. Plus, anytime Ben and Andy interact is always classic.

Parks and Rec. had a double whammy tonight with two excellent episodes. While this isn’t obviously as significant as the wedding, and NBC’s scheduling is a tad awkward, it was still a zany half an hour with our favorite citizens of Pawnee. How could you ask for more? Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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