Parks and Recreation: “Doppelgangers” Season 6 Episode 4 Review

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So I guess Ann and Chris leaving is a real thing now.

I can hardly think of a better friendship on TV than Leslie and Ann’s. But of course when Ann tried to tell her the news that her and Chris don’t want to raise their child in Pawnee (interspersed with waffles and poorly photoshopped shirtless photos of Joe Biden), Leslie childishly freaked out.

The conversation happened right at the beginning of the episode, while Ben and Chris had the same conversation go much smoother towards the end of the episode. Now, the writers could have dragged this out a few episodes, had Ben tell Leslie that she needs to accept it, and then they finally have a tear-jerking moment of forgiveness. Instead, they opted to have Leslie realize almost entirely on her own (she did need a little help from Ron) that Ann and her are still going to be best friends. It was also smart for the conversation to take place off screen, giving these two a private moment.

The rest of the episode built on last week’s development that Eagleton would rejoin Pawnee to make one giant town. The merging of the parks department was very entertaining as most of the workers had great doppelgangers to bounce off of. Donna faced off with an over dramatic guy who is always on 11. April reveled in toying with the Kardashian-esque new employee. Tom had to outdo a computer program. Ron and his doppelganger, also named Ron (Sam Elliot), seemed to hit off until the latter revealed himself as a hippie. It was a fun dynamic to watch on all accounts, especially as Jerry (or is it Larry now?) returned to the department.

Meanwhile, Chris and Ben resumed their post as money men and slashed Eagleton’s budget using the good cop/bad cop dynamic from the good ‘ol days. These two also have a deep rooted friendship that was fun to watch blossom again as Chris prepared to embark on another journey.

These three storylines all came together for a pretty smart and well put together episode. You can tell already how hard it’s going to be when Ann and Chris do eventually leave. But we still have plenty of time with them. Sort of. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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