Parks and Recreation: Emergency Response Season 5 Episode 13 Review

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Parks and Rec. was hit and miss tonight, but next week looks to be huge.

Tonight’s episode saw a simulated disaster hit Pawnee just as Leslie was planning a gala on Lot 48 to raise money so it’ll get turned into a park. This whole thing was a bit excessive, but leave it to Amy Poehler to sell it. Forced to deal with a fake outbreak of avian flu, Leslie, Chris, and Ann must deal with Leslie’s arch-councilman Jam as he rigs the “game” to keep Leslie away from Lot 48. There were some funny gags, like Chris exclaiming “I’m dead!”, but it was a bit too obnoxious and unrealistic. So Leslie fake destroys the town to get back to the gala.

At least Ben, Ron, and the rest of the crew dealing with the gala was really well done. Ben lacks Leslie’s leadership, but is forced to deal with it. This includes sending Ron on Joan Callamezzo’s talk show. In her first appearance of the season, Joan is naturally way too hungover to do the show. So Ron takes over, and now I want a Ron Swanson talk show.

On a side note, Andy failed his police examination. Hopefully that’ll turn itself around soon enough.

It all came together and the gala was a huge success. Then came an unexpected cliffhanger. Leslie and Ben talk about their upcoming wedding and decide to move it up to tonight after some sweet talk. The screen went black and revealed “To Be Continued”.

So I guess next week is the wedding. That’s exciting, expect to get those tissues ready. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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