Parks and Recreation: “Farmers Market” Season 6 Episode 12 Review

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Ben is now technically Leslie’s boss, which sent our favorite TV couple into a frenzy this week.

Upon visiting a farmers market, Leslie and Ben find a particularly racy vendor with half-naked dancers promoting his vegetables. Leslie claims this is wrong and tries to get Ben to remove him, but Ben has no legal authority to get rid of the vendor. Their fighting was cute as they tried to navigate their professional relationship and their marriage. But it was also predictable. What we got in the end was an easy compromise and the couple happy again.

Moving to Ann and Chris, in our second to last episode with them, Ann finds the Whine and Cheese club at the parks department to vent about how Chris is annoying her by trying to help her too much. I actually can’t think of another time Ann has been more unlikable. If this is where she’s headed, I’m fine with their departure next week.

The saving grace of the episode, that actually turned this from a mediocre episode to a good one, was Andy’s subplot with his band. Playing at a children’s birthday party, their playlist of mature songs, including “Sex Hair”, was problematic. Left alone, April convinces Andy to just come up with songs on the spot. It totally work and Andy charmingly wins over the party. Could this be his new career?

Farmers Market had a decent A story and two polar opposite B stories. That makes it a decent entry, simply by default. I am pretty excited to get Ann and Chris out of the picture, as this final stretch with them has been pretty difficult to get through. Hopefully they will at least get the sendoff their characters would have deserved at an earlier time. Grade: B

By Matt Dougherty

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