Parks and Recreation: “Filibuster” Season 6 Episode 6 Review

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After week’s of no Parks and Rec, courtesy of NBC, the show returned closer to Leslie’s recall than ever.

With the vote approaching, as well as the new Eagletonian presence in Pawnee, Councilman Jamm is fighting to make sure the new residents don’t get a chance to vote on the recall. When Leslie manages to postpone their decision to after the vote, meaning Eagletonians would be able to vote in her reelection, Jamm puts together a late-night council session to vote the same night as Ben’s rollerskating birthday party (which apparently is a sexual fantasy of his? Alright, Ben…).

So Leslie performs a filibuster, for three hours. Her commitment was of course hilarious, running to the bathroom at the end, but not before pouring margarita on Jamm’s head, much deserved. But it seems Eagleton doesn’t plan to vote for Leslie, instead voting for their own candidate to have more pull in the town’s government. This recall vote just got way more interesting.

Meanwhile, everyone else attended Ben’s birthday party without he and Leslie. This led to a few cute moments, most notably the return of Andy. He and April continue to be the most absurdly cute couple on the show. Andy is scared to go back to London, hilariously jumping from a cab into a dumpster. But April’s encouragements were as coldly loving as ever and got Andy back on his feet.

Otherwise, Tom’s new relationship seems to be going very well. Together they try to steal a teddy bear from Ann that she had when she was a child.

Also, Ron playing a hunting video game. With Donna. I’ve found Ron to be exaggerated this season so far, but this was funny enough to keep me on board. Donna’s presence always helps.

All in all, this was a pretty solid Parks and Rec. It was a good preparation for Leslie’s recall vote and a nice way to temporarily bring Andy back into the fold. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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