Parks and Recreation: “Fluoride” Season 6 Episode 8 Review

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Fluoride was an episode that really began to show that Parks and Rec. is starting to age.

This repetitive episode offered little to actually progress the season, with too few laughs inbetween to keep things afloat. It may be the first truly bad episode of the series.

Seriously, Leslie has been clashing with Jamm over various bills since the start of last season. Now that she’s officially getting recalled, it felt like a waste to have them at each others’ throats again.

Leslie wants to put fluoride in the drinking water so the people of Pawnee can have healthier teeth. Jamm is a dentist, so that means less business. Now that Leslie is recalled, however, she seems to be unleashed and ready to fight for what she wants. But wasn’t she always?

This “new” version of Leslie failed to convince me these were actions she wouldn’t take if she wasn’t getting recalled. So with some trickery, and a few decent social media gags courtesy of Tom, Leslie came out on top.

Meanwhile, Chris takes too much meaning in Ron showing him how to build a crib. It was just such a typical Ron Swanson story that only made Chris a bit more confident as a parent. It’s already obvious how great of a father Chris is going to be, so his insecurity felt over-the-top and out of character.

At least we did get some more of Donna. She and April are giving dog doppelgangers to the parks crew, but April upsets Donna with her choice because she clearly doesn’t know anything about Donna. Both characters did act a bit melodramatically, but Donna’s development has been a highlight of the season thus far.

This whole episode though just feels like, well, a latter episode of The Office. We know how downhill that show went, and Fluoride showed signs of Parks and Rec. potentially heading down the same route. Grade: C-

By Matt Dougherty

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