Parks and Recreation: Halloween Surprises Review

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Parks and Rec continued this week with an episode that will most certainly be remembered forever.

First off, Leslie and Ben are far from the best couple on TV right now. They have good chemistry and everything, but their story has just been fairly typical thus far. When Ben gets an offer to work on another campaign in Florida, it seems their relationship may have hit a fork in the road.

But then Ben surprised Leslie in Pawnee and proposed. Was it an iconic TV proposal? No, but if you’ve been following the show since the Ben first showed up it’s hard not to get emotional. It was definitely the high point of the episode.

Before that, Leslie had some issues of her own. When her and Ann try to scare Jerry he has a heart attack. Whoops. While this story had a few decent jokes it wasn’t as strong as it could have been. The Jerry jokes haven’t been flying as freely as they used to.

Meanwhile, Ron Swanson’s relationship with guest star Lucy Lawless continued as he took her daughters out trick-or-treating. Naturally Ron handled this in the only way Ron could, poorly. I don’t quite feel his and Diane’s chemistry in this episode as much as I did in the first, but Lawless is still a great addition, even if it is only temporary. Also with April being near Ben all season I forgot how great her and Andy are.

Halloween Surprises definitely lived up to its title. With Leslie and Ben engaged and Ron starting to date Diane, this season is starting to get some direction. Grade: B+

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  1. Haleigh says:

    They weren’t trying to scare Jerry, they were trying to scare Tom. Thats the joke of it..

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