Parks and Recreation: How a Bill Becomes a Law Review

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Parks and Recreation packed a lot of laughs this week in another great episode.

How a Bill Becomes a Law was the first time that the writers seemed comfortable with the new surroundings of all the characters. Everyone was put to great use in three great stories.

Leslie wants to keep the outdoor pool open a few more days for her former swimming team but another councilman is threatening not to pass it unless he gets what he wants. It’s great to see a new villain being established after last season had Bobby Newport. This plot was fun and felt like vintage Parks and Rec, just Leslie has more power now, and therefore more opponents.

But what everyone will be talking about tomorrow is Ron’s potential new love interest, who came in the form of Lucy Lawless, former star of Xena: Warrior Princess. Andy playing with her daughters and coercing Ron was classic. It was great to see Ron back to his good old self and going after a women not named Tammy.

A much smaller story came from Ben and April’s “road trip”. The way the writers are establishing their dynamic is brilliant and I am so excited to see more. It’s difficult to separate two major characters from the rest of the cast and make it work, but Parks and Rec is up for the challenge.

This episode brought back the confident story telling of last season. Sure, it lacks direction still, but the seeds are clearly being planted. For now that is more than enough. Grade: A-

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  1. Grant says:

    I also enjoyed this episode, and I almost jumped off my chair when I say Lucy Lawless! I usually know beforehand if there are going to be any special guests or appearances on Parks and Recreation since several people I work with at DISH often know and share these things. I think she makes a wonderful love interest for Ron, and I love how she pretty much told him how it was, and asked if he could handle it. I decided to watch the first three episodes over again since I’ve been archiving them all in one of my customized folders on my Hopper DVR, and I could definitely tell that the writers are leading up to something. I love that they’re able to do this and at the same time carry on with a funny episode each week. I have my fingers crossed that this will be the best season yet!

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