Parks and Recreation: Jerry’s Retirement Season 5 Episode 20 Review

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No! Say it ain’t so! Jerry is retiring and we’ll miss him dearly, but will the rest of the parks department?

I do sincerely hope that this isn’t the end of Jim O’Heir’s work on Parks and Recreation, but if it was this was a perfect sendoff.

Leslie and Ben are supposed to have a day off together, but then Jerry announces his retirement, which he mentioned several times and no one listened to. Leslie plans to give him the best last day ever. She finds some old goals he wrote down when he started. He wanted to do stuff like meet the mayor and have a building named after him. Both of these result in hilarious death jokes (the mayor is dead, and the plaque naming a room after Jerry says RIP). Jerry lights himself on fire from his cake and goes home for some meatloaf.

But Leslie doesn’t like how it went down, and pays a visit to Jerry’s house the next morning. She begrudgingly joins the family for breakfast. They nauseatingly sing a breakfast song, with Amy Poehler giving hilarious facial expressions in the background. But then Jerry thanks her for getting him home at five to spend time with his family. It’s a sweet ending, but kind of null since Ron hired him part time to replace the intern.

Speaking of, Tom gets declared the “new-Jerry” and struggles to find the humor in everyone making fun of him. He tries to pawn it off on Andy, but he doesn’t get embarrassed. He tries to put it on a new intern, but all Donna can do is hit on him. Jerry coming back in the end doesn’t really allow Tom to grow and ruins some of the emotions seen before. Still though, everything involving Jerry’s retirement was at least very funny.

One storyline that did move long pretty significantly was Ann and Chris having a baby. The doctor clears them and says they can start that afternoon, which scares them. But old feeling begin to crup up and they end up trying on their own terms. I like the idea of them together again, they worked very well a few season back.

On a final note, Leslie and Ben might try to have a baby as well. How fun would it be if Leslie and Ann were pregnant together on the show?

Jerry’s Retirement was far superior to the first episode of the night. Yeah, the titular story didn’t really pan out after the show toyed with our emotions. But there were a ton of hilarious moments and Ann and Chris moved their friendship into new territory. Hard to believe that the season is already almost over. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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