Parks and Recreation: Leslie and Ben Season 5 Episode 14 Review: Add This to the List of Great TV Weddings

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Leslie and Ben’s wedding is a winning moment for this series, filled to the brim with romance and nostalgia.

Picking up right from last week’s cliffhanger ending, Leslie and Ben plan to rush their wedding at the gala on Lot 48. We get tender moments like the star couple seeing Lil’ Sebastian (perfectly lit to be angelic in the snow, even if it was a impersonator). I will admit to choking up at Chris giving Ben the form from when they first came to Pawnee.

But then, like the death of a tiny horse town mascot, the plans were ruined by a very drunk Councilman Jam. Can he be killed by raccoons or be sent to Eagleton already? He’s a sinister villain for this light comedy, that’s so easy to hate. Luckily, Ron sweetly comes to Leslie’s rescue and punches him out as emotionless as he possibly could (when is someone going to give Nick Offerman an award?).

So both Ron and Jam end up in prison, but Ron gets out pretty easily. Then he takes Leslie back to the office for drinks. Was it obvious what would really happen? Yes. Was it perfect anyway? Absolutely. Ron tells Leslie she looks beautiful and walks her into the candle lit room by the arm. The room is filled the set of friends we’ve been falling in love with from the beginning.

Leslie and Ben read their vows, edited with black and white clips of their love from the show’s past. Before kissing they adorably repeat “I love you and I like you”. I couldn’t imagine it any better than that. This show’s corny sweetness has been the strongest thing going for it since it started, making this the perfect culmination of their romance.

And just how did their rings get made? Ron forged them out of metal with a waffle iron. Perfect.

The only other thing going on this episode was Andy learning he didn’t get the job as a police officer. But Chris picked him up and dusted him off at the wedding reception.

Everything about Leslie and Ben was perfect and sent the show forward in a similar way that the end of last season did as well. This show is five seasons in with no signs of slowing down. Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty

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