Parks and Recreation: Leslie vs. April Review

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What a difference focus can make as Parks and Rec continues its streak of greatness.

Leslie vs. April started out with one of the best cold opens ever. Leslie met her celebrity crush, Vice President Joe Biden, who appeared as himself. I loved how she kept touching him and eventually tried to kiss him. And Biden was a good sport about the whole scene too.

The beginning of the season did an okay job of establishing Leslie as a councilwoman, but this episode really hit her new job home and made for a great role switch. April wanting to build a park out of Lot 48 is a nice development of her as she continues to become more invested in her job. Too bad this goes against Leslie’s plans. But when April must present her project to the city council, both her and Leslie have to come together to face a new enemy, councilman Jamm, who appeared as an opposition to Leslie earlier this season.

They got sweet revenge on Jamm in the end though as they put all the dogs and children on his lawn. Leslie’s rivalry with him deepened, giving real tension to the future of their terms.

Meanwhile, Ben tried to go back to accounting, and Tom continued with his latest business plan. It felt wrong that Ben would go back to his old job after seeing so much success with Leslie’s campaign last season, and while in Washington D.C. earlier this year. Thankfully the post credits scene cleared everything up and had Ben quit and go to Tom to help build his idea.

Andy saw some nice progression this week as well as he struggles with whether he wants to be a cop. Chris offering him a position as a security guard was great for both of their characters. Chris loves to feel helpful and happy and Andy will get to test the water.

Leslie vs. April was another great episode. Not as great as last week’s but still a lot of fun and full of laughs and character development. Parks and Rec at its finest. Grade: A-

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