Parks and Recreation: “One in 8,000” Season 6 Episode 20 Review

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Leading into next week’s season finale, this episode of Parks and Rec. set up a few things and had a few worthy moments, but was mostly pointless.

Leslie is pregnant. Andy knows. Leslie and Ben don’t want everyone to know. Andy is terrible at keeping secrets. Plot. Sound familiar? Well that’s because it’s appeared on Friends, The Office, and just about every other sitcom ever. Parks and Rec. is officially lazy.

April tries to pull the information out of Andy to no avail. Meanwhile, Leslie does get some surprising news, she’s having triplets. If this show makes it to Season 15, the kids might eventually become useful. For now, they are clearly just a way to give Leslie and Ben a storyline before their inevitable endgame.

The final scene, however, did have some resonance. After Ben freaks out about the financial ramifications of triplets, the couple tells the rest of the gang. They all willingly volunteer to help out in a very cute moment that this show hasn’t been able to produce for a while now. But it was also the only truly worthy moment from this episode.

In tonight’s B-story, Ron accompanied Donna to the elementary school to make clothes for children while avoiding her ex. But Ron thinks that they might have a future together, convincing Donna to get back with the nicest-guy-on-the-planet ex-boyfriend.

One in 8,000 was a pretty weak installment leading up to the finale. Season 6 will get one last chance to redeem itself next week with the finale featuring Michelle Obama. Let’s hope it’s better than this. Grade: C+

By Matt Dougherty

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