Parks and Recreation: Partridge Season 5 Episode 17 Review

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Partridge was a really funny episode. Like, really funny.

The episode involved Leslie and Ben going to Ben’s hometown so he can accept the key to the city. This plot may have you searching the memory banks as Ben’s past hasn’t been mentioned in a while. However, if you don’t remember, allow me. Ben was mayor when he was 18 years old and sent the city to the ground. He is the only mayor of Partridge to not get the key to the city.

Sadly, as he reaches his chance he gets a kidney stone. This leaves Leslie to interact with his sister quite a bit, which really worked to broaden their relationship and extend it into Ben’s family. So Leslie goes to accept the key instead. Guest star J.K. Simmons is ready to deliver it to her, but it turns out to be a rouse. The city makes fun of Ben while Leslie sweetly defends him. Great moments included Ben on morphine, the melted ice key, and the best thing to come out of the city.

Meanwhile, Jamm plans to sue Ron Swanson for punching him in the face before Leslie’s wedding. How does Ron deal with it? The same way he deals with most things, staring blankly. Andy, April, and Tom prepare to testify for him, but the latter two lie in their statements, something Ron is against. Ron forces them to go back in (Andy very proud of himself by the way), and this gives Jamm’s lawyers enough reasons to take Ron to court. But Andy, April, and Tom save the day and blackmail Jamm into dropping the law suit.

The only other thing going on this week was Ann and Chris’s potential child. They take a compatibility test and only get 58 percent. But Chris sweetly talks her into it.

So yeah, this was a very funny episode. It didn’t exactly set up any major arcs for the end of the season but it made me laugh. A lot. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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