Parks and Recreation: Pawnee Commons Review

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The Eagletonians return in this great episode that put some of our characters’ biggest emotions to the test.

Leslie Knope hates Eagleton just about as much as she loves waffles. So when a park designer from Pawnee’s rival town comes to build a park in Knope territory she is obviously skeptical. But Ben sees something in the opportunity. The newly engaged pair played off each other perfectly this week, making their love the most important thing.

But of course the prissy folks at Eagleton couldn’t let this opportunity go and made a design for the park that included drool buckets and such. Leslie needed revenge and she got it by creaming (literally, with whip cream) the park designer. Turns out he had nothing to do with it and fired the those responsible. This was good growth for Leslie to forgive and forget at least one citizen from Eagleton.

The best story of the night, however, went to Andy as he began working as a security guard for the government offices. His boredom with how little happens led to April having to help him. Her Hitler alias was hilarious, as was their childish game of what was essentially tag. So when Andy found a lost child in the hallway he fell in love with the job. The final scene here was nice as April had her husband hand in his props from his alter ego.

The weakest story tonight was Tom preparing his new business. It just didn’t offer much to forward the plot besides him having a store and everyone’s support, the latter of which he already had. Still though, I’m glad to see Tom have some potential for success after the failure o Entertainment 720 last season.

Pawnee Commons was another solid edition to the show’s fifth season. Several characters had some great moments and continued to move the season forward as other characters follow their dreams just as Leslie had. Grade: B+

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