Parks and Recreation: “Pie-Mary” Season 7 Episode 9 Review

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“Pie-Mary” felt the most like your average, golden-years Parks and Rec. episode of the season. It used outrageous characters and humor to tackle a political issue, all while making excellent use of the entire ensemble.

Pie-Mary is a Southern Indiana tradition that has Congress candidates’ wives participating in a pie-making contest. As Leslie puts it, “The last contest winner was June Heartwell’s buttermilk meringue. Last contest loser was all women.” That’s right folks, for for our second episode of the week, we got a classic Leslie-fights-for-equality episode, which was probably also the last of its kind.

Leslie obviously doesn’t want to participate in the offensive competition, but then the public calls her out for not keeping with tradition, so she decides to do it so the focus remains on Ben, not her. But then, Leslie come sunder fire from a a womens’ rights group, proving that there is just no winning in politics.

However, Leslie and Ben have won a campaign together before, so they have a few ideas to kick around. This causes Ben to enter the contest instead of Leslie (where he will be making a dessert calzone, not a pie). The whole plot was very well-thought out and constructed, addressing issues as they came and then forcing our power couple defuse them.

So Ben enters the contest and makes his calzone, only for mens’ rights protestors to accuse Leslie of forcing her husband to cook. This was an obvious but clever response to the absurd men’s rights activists that have shown up in the last few years. In an attempt to fix everything, Ben and Leslie give a speech together defending everything they believe in, which also acts as a pure but not preachy approach to gender equality. The writers’ ability to tackle this subject in a very funny but also progressive manner is what makes “Pie-Mary” such a stand-out episode. It’s both one of the funniest and smartest of the season, and maybe last season too. Parks and Rec. is certainly going to make saying goodbye very hard in a few weeks. Grade: A


Some Other Notes From the Pawnee Newsletter:

– April and Ron’s side-story was cute, but had little to do with the feminism subject the main plot of the episode tackled.

– The same can be said for Garry dropping his keys, along with everything else, and Donna just watching the show. This was outright hilarious though, more like a comedic aside to the main plot.

– “Excuse me but I have to get back to a city…where things happen.”

– “Babe, chop-chop, the oven is ready, time to get bakin’. Daddy want pie.”

– “Men have had a real rough go of it for just recently.”


By Matt Dougherty

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