Parks and Recreation: “Recall Vote” Season 6 Episode 7 Review

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Well that was pretty unexpected, huh?

At the end of last season, Leslie’s recall seemed like an end-of-season ploy just to get people watching again in the fall. Thus far, season six has handled it much stronger than I expected it to, mostly culminating in this excellent episode.

Leslie is unceremoniously told of her loss early in the episode. This sends her into a drunken stupor, on Halloween of all days. And you know drunk Leslie is hilarious.

After freaking out some kids, Ben takes her out. He gets trashed too. This showed network TV’s best couple at their best, drunk and in love. They go to the pawn shop to get tattoos (which hilariously shouldn’t have worked but did). Ann finally arrives to save the day, reminding Ben that “no tattoos” is the first rule of helping Leslie through a difficult time.

Ann also came out with the great line “Never send a husband to do a best friend’s job.” I might actually miss Ann quite a bit when she’s gone.

She reminds Leslie to pick herself up and that she still has 30 days in office. If we know anything about Leslie, she can do a lot in 30 days.

I have to respect the writers for not taking the easy way out here. Leslie could have just won the recall, but instead the rug was pulled out from under us before we could even process it. It’s a clever and brave move for such a peppy show.

Meanwhile, April was feeling sad about Andy being gone again, so Chris tries to cheer her up. It didn’t really go anywhere but April is still fun to watch squirm at her own emotions.

Then there was also Tom potentially selling his business. The subplot that hurt an almost perfect episode. First, I feel like Ron has had to have the same conversation with Tom a few times per season since Entertainment 720. Second, Tom sold his business in the end. I know we were supposed to feel uplifted when Tom gleefully proclaimed “I’m a sellout!”, but now I just feel he’s gone backwards again. We’ll see what happens.

Otherwise, Recall Vote was a surprising, emotion, and hilarious episode. I’d like to see any other network comedy come close to the tone this episode so daringly struck. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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