Parks and Recreation: Ron and Diane Review

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Parks and Recreation delivered a great Christmas episode that strengthened its titular relationship in an incredibly sweet way.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Diane, but this episode made it totally worth it. Ron, Diane and Leslie are going to an award ceremony for wood craftsmanship (an award ceremony for chairs and desks). Ron received high honors for a work described as “chair”, but Tammy 2 showed up to try and win him back. This was a necessary story if Diane was going to feel worthy of Ron Swanson. So when Diane says that Leslie is what’s making her nervous, Ron has to set the record straight. And what a better way to do that than for him to show her Duke Silver. A sweet and funny gesture.

The other story of the night didn’t fare quite as well. Jerry’s Christmas party was where the rest of our characters spent the night, with surprisingly few laughs. With some of them not being invited and Chris running into Jerry’s daughter, his ex, it all felt a little old. Although Jerry having a hot wife was pretty solid humor.

Still though, the difference in quality between the two stories tonight was jarring. Ron’s was perfect. Jerry’s was tiresome. But this was still a solid enough episode to finish out the year. And this year has been a pretty stellar one for Parks and Recreation. Grade: B

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