Parks and Recreation: “Ron & Jammy” Season 7 Episode 2 Review

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Ask any Parks and Rec. fan who the show’s biggest villains are and the same two names will keep coming up: Tammy 2 and Councilman Jamm. It may have taken seven seasons for them to finally meet, but we finally know which is more powerful.

Of the decided councilmen on what to do with the Newport’s land, it’s two for Leslie and two for Ron, with the final vote coming down to Jamm. But, as Leslie quickly finds out, Jamm’s new girlfriend is none other than Tammy 2.

Forcing him to eat steak and drink whiskey, Ron’s second ex-wife is on a mission to win Ron back, or turn her new fling into him. Leslie and Ron may be at war, but when Leslie brings Jamm to Ron to show him how far gone he is, it’s clear the two must work together to free Jamm of this devil woman.

Confession time: I love Tammy episodes. All of them. And we knew there had to be one in the final season. Tammy 2’s infectious poison taking over Jamm was fun to see, as was the now happily married Ron not falling victim to her again.

Leslie and Ron working together again didn’t take too long after the premiere established their new rivalry. My guess is it won’t be long before Ron switches sides to help Leslie build a national park.

The final scene where Jamm breaks up with Tammy was phenomenal. Tammy 2 went crazy, throwing down library shelves and stripping naked in her defeat. It was the type of over-the-top humor Parks and Rec. perfected years ago.

Meanwhile, there were two other subplots within this episode that gave us a few hints at where some characters might end up at the series’ end.

First, Tom and Andy fly out to Chicago to find Lucy (returner Natalie Morales) so that Tom can complete his happiness. But we quickly find out that she has a boyfriend. We’ll see if that stops her from taking Tom’s job offer in Pawnee. Tom’s love life has never been the most exciting on the show, but I must admit the reintroduction of Lucy intrigues me. It could be a traditional final-season hook-up, or maybe Tom could learn to move on and look for love where it isn’t easy. Either would be fun to watch play out.

Second, April confesses to Ben that running the Parks Department may not be what she wants to do with her life. This was a great pairing of characters, harkening back to the great dynamic April and Ben built when they were working in Washington, D.C. together back in Season 5. April doesn’t seem to like the idea of working with dead bodies after a while, but Ben promises that he has a few ideas up his sleeve.

Ron & Jammy set in motion a few more storylines Season 7 will likely be dealing with. The gaps in Tom’s love life and April’s professional life will have to be resolved, while Leslie and Ron surely won’t stay mad at each other forever. However, if there’s one thing wrong with these first two episodes of Parks and Rec. it’s that they are almost entirely predictable. It’s not a huge problem, considering the show is still a riot, but even The Office took some huge creative risks in its final season. So far, that’s absent from what we’ve seen. Leslie’s trying to build a park and everyone else is trying to figure out there lives. It’s business as usual, but this is a very funny business. Grade: B+

Some Extra Notes:

– This episode’s best future joke: apparently, sometime before 2017, the Chicago Cubs will win a World Series.

– Joan Callamezo broadcasting from rehab was golden.

– It ain’t Parks and Rec. until Garry/Jerry/Larry/Terry spills something.

– “Thank you Commissioner Gordon, people of Gotham.” Meltdown Joan might be the best Joan.

– Amy Poehler’s Megan Mullally impression was gut-wrenchingly hilarious.

– If this is in fact the last we see of Tammy 2, and I have my doubts, what an end it was for the great Megan Mullally, who with every appearance went a little farther off the deep end. She’ll be missed.


By Matt Dougherty

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