Parks and Recreation: “Save JJ’s” Season 7 Episode 6 Review

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Just when things were getting a little boring, Parks and Rec. threw a curveball at us and pretty much solved most of season 7’s plot points. Just what the final seven episodes will be is a mystery, but this was pretty great.

Every Parks and Rec. fan knows JJ’s Diner. It’s where Leslie gets her waffles! So at the top of the episode, after the Parks Department learns that the Newport land will definitively go to Gryzzl, they head to JJ’s. Turns out though that they’ll be losing Pawnee’s esteemed diner as well, this time to cologne mogul Dennis Feinstein.

Naturally, Leslie won’t stand for it. With Ron on her side, they get a group of people and protest outside of Feinstein’s building. When he won’t budge, Leslie has to come up with another plan.

Being the great organizer that she is, she formulates a new, and realistically convoluted plan. Let’s see if I got this right. JJ can afford space in the old rundown part of Pawnee to reopen his diner, but the area is too abandoned that he wouldn’t attract the clientele he used to. This gives Leslie the idea to offer a massive building to Gryzzl as their new headquarters, effectively bringing life to this part of town and freeing up the Newport land to become a national park. It’s actually not that complicated, but there’s a few extra moving parts that make it authentic to small-time government logistics.

Once Gryzzl accepts the offer, Ron sits on the information and later tells Leslie in a private moment. They sweetly embrace and season seven continues its heartwarming farewell to the brilliant Leslie and Ron dynamic.

Another dynamic “Save JJ’s” celebrated was Tom and Donna’s. It’s “Treat Yo Self” 2017 and these guys are going to Beverly Hills for a day full of spas and big spending. This tradition was just as fun as it was in season four’s “Pawnee Rangers.” But this plot had an ulterior motive: give Tom the confidence he needs to properly ask out Lucy. Through Donna’s advice, he does this when they get back, and the two will attend Donna’s wedding together.

“Save JJ’s” was probably the most fun the writers have had in season seven yet, last week’s “Leslie & Ron,” the best episode of the season thus far, being a sharp dual character study. The episode relied on the Pawnee we know, not the one Gryzzl has been building. With Gryzzl hopefully retreating for the back-half of the season, the focus can hopefully be all on our favorite characters. Grade: A-


Some Other Notes From the Pawnee Newsletter:

– This episode’s best future joke: Jaden Smith in Hitch 2: Son of a Hitch.

– So Donna is getting married. 

– “I can’t think of anything more noble to go to war over than bacon and eggs.” When all is said and done, I’m seriously going to miss Ron Swanson.

– Jonathan Karate, Johnny Karate’s older, more serious brother, is definitely Chris Pratt’s best Keanu Reeves impression.

– Treat yo self!


By Matt Dougherty

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