Parks and Recreation: Sex Education Review

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Parks and Recreation continued its fifth season with the weakest episode yet.

Sex Education was kind of boring, even though the title would suggest differently. Leslie’s troubles with old people and crazy people who hate sex fell surprisingly flat, as was the happenings in D.C.

Leslie held a town forum to teach old people how to have safe sex. Great idea, poor execution. Some of the elderly actors in the audience had some funny moments, but it was too reliant on the one note joke of old people having sex and people who think sex will kill you. At least we got Perd Hapley, who never fails to entertain. But the story just didn’t do it for me because it didn’t feel as smart as this show used to be.

Meanwhile, in Washington D.C., Ben and April had a pointless story of a congressman coming to their office. It didn’t really advance their blooming dynamic and again focused on a one note joke of the congressman being robotic. But they had a cute moment during the credits.

The best story of the night easily went to Tom and Ron. Tom’s tweet in the cold open was hilarious. Ron trying to teach him how to live without technology was great as well. It’s rare we get to see the two of them alone and it totally worked. I also loved Ron suggesting Leslie if Tom needs emotional support at the ending stating “she lives for that crap”.

It’s too bad that the rest of Sex Education was as disappointing as it was. There were great ideas that had lazy execution. Hopefully the show will pick back up in the coming weeks. Grade: B-


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