Parks and Recreation: Soda Tax Review

Season five continued with a great episode that had a number of character beats that really hit home.

Soda Tax had three solid stories that all had one thing in common, people taking charge of their lives. April had some issues with Ben as her boss, but rose to the occasion. Leslie struggled to make an important decision, but rose to the occasion. Andy and Chris struggled to gain motivation in different aspects of their lives, but they…you get the idea.

Leslie’s story, naturally, took the forefront. The scene with the different soda sizes was hysterical, but that quickly turned on itself as people’s jobs were in jeopardy depending on whether a soda tax passed or not. After last season’s incredible finale, I will never get tired of seeing Leslie in the councilman seat, even if she is vomiting. But a nice conversation with Ron cleared things up, as only Ron Swanson is capable of doing.  Confident Leslie is the best to watch.

My favorite story of the night, however, went to Andy and Chris. Andy wants to have a job he is proud of but struggles to find motivation. When Chris finds him something to strive for, he realizes the shortcoming of his own life. Chris’ mental state is something he has never examined before. It was great to see him sum his remedy up in a delightfully chipper manner.

Meanwhile, in Washington, Ben struggles to be a leader for his interns. Seeing him try to “get on their level” was funny. It’s surprising how well he handles himself without Leslie on screen. When the problem was revealed to be April I was pleased to see Ben yell at her in a way that no one has before.

My one issues with Soda Tax was that it didn’t have the usual amount of laughs this show is able to draw out of me. The writers are clearly still getting used to the new dynamics. This episode was a nice step forward in that front. Hopefully the laughs will be rolling in next week. Grade: B+

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  1. Parker says:

    I loved everything from last night’s ep, “Soda Tax”. From Andy beginning his training to Chris deciding to climb the Mt. Everest of his mind, from Ron being Ron to Leslie throwing up in her gigantic soda cup! My favorite two scenes from last night are April threatening to blind Ellis with a melon baller and the explanation as to why a particular soda is labeled “child-sized”. I was live-tweeting the show with some of my friends and coworkers at DISH, and that was easily our favorite part! I enjoy the live-tweet thing, but I always miss little bits here and there. I always go back and watch the show by myself the next day, and since I can use the Auto Hop feature on my Hopper to skip the commercials, and see the show the way it was meant to be seen. Can’t wait for next week!

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