Parks and Recreation: Swing Vote Season 5 Episode 21 Review

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This week, Parks and Rec. tried to put Jamm in a different position with mixed results. But Andy got an absolutely hysterical story.

Since Leslie and Ben’s wedding, the show has seriously slowed down, giving us a few great episodes here and there, but there have definitely been more episodes like Swing Vote lately. That’s not to say this was a bad episode, it was just a forgettable one.

Councilman Jamm has been the villain of the season and tonight he was undecided council member on funding for a mini golf course. Leslie naturally wants the attraction to stand, while Ron naturally doesn’t want the government involved. As they both pine for Jamm’s vote, I couldn’t help but feel like I had seen this before.

The same went for Tom trying to end his relationship. It all felt very familiar and like none of the characters were breaking new ground. Although, I suppose already broke so much ground this season. It sort of feels like NBC gave them a few extra episodes after the season had already been written.

But the best story of the night really delivered. Andy sees his old band playing, who have been absent from the show for an odd amount of time. He gets angry, but the band explains that he just doesn’t answer his phone. Andy explains he dropped it in a bowl of cereal a week ago. Classic. The ending was even better, as he tried to abandon his personality along with the band, and was lovingly invited back, but told to attend a practice or two.

But besides that part of the episode, this was a very tired episode of Parks and Rec. With Leslie and Ben married off, Ann and Chris having a baby, and Tom starting a new company, maybe season six (fingers crossed it gets renewed) should be the last so it can go out as strong as possible. Maybe. Grade: B

By Matt Dougherty

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