Parks and Recreation: “The Cones of Dunshire” Season 6 Episode 9 Review

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The last episode of Parks and Rec. in 2013 brought us what may be the final confrontation between Leslie and Jamm.

It may have been a bit stronger had not every stray episode over the last season and a half revolved around the council rivalry. But alas, with Leslie’s last days in office looming, the writers plan to squeeze one last battle out. What better for it to be about than Pawnee Commons, the lot that brought Leslie and Ann together five years ago?

Leslie does everything she can for Jamm, who is convinced they are best friends. But in the end, Chris still had to pull some strings to get Leslie what she wanted.

Meanwhile, Ron is selling his cabin, leading Donna and Tom to jazz it up for potential buyers, much to Ron’s dismay. This was a cute story that brought together two classic dynamics from the series’ past: Tom and Donna of course, and more surprisingly Ron and April. With one of the deepest understandings of each other in the parks department, April offers to buy the cabin to keep it as is for Ron. She buys it for everything she has in her purse. How cute.

Finally, the funniest thread of the episode, Ben actually starts working full time for the accounting firm that has been shopping for him since he arrived in Pawnee. Watching him solve the case to everyone’s glee and surprise was hysterical. But, as is tradition, Ben gets offered a better position, Chris’ job once he and Ann move to Michigan. City manager is a job Ben just can’t say no to.

The Cones of Dunshire was a much stronger episode than the first of the night. It had potent moments of emotion throughout, while still delivering just enough laughs. It may not be the best or most exciting Parks and Rec. of 2013, but it’s a solid note to end on. See you in 2014 for episode 100 and Ann and Chris’ departure. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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