Parks and Recreation: “The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show” Season 7 Episode 10 Review

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I mean, bravo! Bravo!

Seriously, how much fun was this episode? Beginning to end, the third to last Parks and Rec. ever acted as Andy’s last day on his children’s program The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show. Complete with commercials for many of Pawnee’s biggest faces, this is what it was like to watch Andy say goodbye to his audience before leaving for Washington D.C.

The Office did something similar in Steve Carell’s final season where the workers watched Michael Scott’s movie. Parks and Rec. fully committed to the show-within-a-show concept that also served as a celebration of this series, Pawnee, and, more specifically, Andy himself.

Featuring segments such as “Making Stuff with Carpenter Ron”, “Try Something New With Leslie Knope”, and “Be Nice to Someone”, Andy’s final show had the rest of the cast finding ways to pay tribute to Andy. A lot of characters have gotten episodes to themselves this season, and Andy most certainly deserves it. Little details like everyone karate chopping Garry and the Boring Buzzer for Ben’s segments were amazing. This was the most well-thought out episode of the season. You can practically see the writers having a ball in the writer’s room doing this one. It feels like a goodbye to the general status quo of the series. For that goodbye to be as citizens of Pawnee in our own living room was truly special.

Of course, as Leslie lays memory lane down thick, April gets visibly upset and dashes out of the room. She later tells Andy in the only private scene of the episode that she doesn’t want to take her husband away from a job he truly loves. Andy tells her that she’s his everything and that he would be nothing without her. Anywhere she is, he can be happy.

With just two episodes left, Andy is added to the list of characters who are sailing into the sunset happy. His show may be behind him, but even he is confident that he’ll find something awesome to do in the “capitol of the world.” I’d love to find out what that will be. “The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show” represents Parks and Rec. at its most joyful and pure. If this is the last hurrah before the tears start flowing with the series’ end, we couldn’t have gotten a better one. Grade: A


Some Other Notes From the Pawnee Newsletter:

– This episodes best future joke: the commercial for the Verizon, Chipotle, and Exxon merger.

– The commercials in general were just fabulous. Ron’s use of 30 seconds. Wamapoke Casino: slowly taking back our money from white people one quarter at a time. That disgusting Paunch Burger ad. The kickstarter for Cones of Dunshire. Hilarious, all of them.

– Ben quoting Game of Thrones while he gets fake knighted.

– John Cena!

– Where the hell has Tom been?

– Just, all around, this thing was perfect.


By Matt Dougherty

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