Parks and Recreation: “The Pawnee-Eagleton Tip off Classic” Season 6 Episode 3 Review

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This episode was mostly clever and put season six on the path it appears to be taking.

Leslie’s recall was front and center again this week as she prepares for a basketball game between Pawnee and their richer rival town Eagleton. Guest star Kristen Bell played Leslie’s younger Eagleton equal. As usual the exaggerated rivalry between the two towns was hilarious, but when it seems Eagleton might go into bankruptcy, Ben has to help them out.

Leslie eventually comes to her senses and comes up with a solution: recombining the two towns. Could this help Leslie win the re-election in a few months?

Meanwhile, Ann and April go to another town for April’s veterinary school orientation. These two always have good chemistry and you could see it in April that she really didn’t think the school was a good fit. The town, however, appears to be a good fit for Ann to raise her child. She suggests it to Chris in the final moments of the episode, which means we likely have the avenue that Ann and Chris will be leaving the show on later this season.

Sadly, Ron Swanson trying to get off the grid was a rare caricature that we see on this series. Ron hates government and loves privacy, but he’s almost never over-the-top. This was a case of the writers exploiting a facet of the character they know everyone loves. And I will admit that his Vine was absolutely hysterical. Still though, this was a pretty low point for the show to hit. Then again, it is season six.

Aside from that, the rest of the episode worked to give the season structure and set up where things will be going. Let’s just hope Ron doesn’t fall in the same category of a later season Dwight from The OfficeGrade: B

By Matt Dougherty

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