Parks and Recreation: “The Wall” Season 6 Episode 15 Review

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With Leslie’s career hitting a metaphorical and literal wall this week, her career could take a turn for the better, if she can let Pawnee go.

Leslie is doing her best to smooth over the Eagleton-Pawnee merger. The concert April and Tom came up with gets off to a rough start when Leslie tries to knock down a wall separating the two towns and lets out bees that sting members of both towns. When Leslie tries to visit them in the hospital, a reporter punches her in the face. Leslie has had it with Pawnee, which is why it seems so tempting when she’s offered a job in Chicago as a national park director. Could this be the direction Leslie’s career takes next? At least we’re getting some possibilities to keep things interesting.

Meanwhile, Ron’s wife has given birth to their child. The unceremonious reveal was fitting for Ron and saved us from a crappy Parks and Rec. baby episode. His rebuilding of the third floor had some moments, but his final conversation with Leslie seemed odd. Ron has always been the voice of reason in her life, but I wonder if telling her to stick around in Pawnee is as selfless as a lot of his other actions toward Leslie. It’s hard to tell if this is the show going backwards or Ron showing some attachment to Leslie. We’ll see as the rest of the season progresses, I suppose.

Tom and Ben had a very repetitive subplot this episode. Tom trying to open up a successful business has officially been beaten to death. We’ve seen him go through way too many ideas to really care about this Italian restaurant idea he’s cooked up out of nowhere. In this regard, the show is hitting a wall of its own.

Parks and Rec. is a few good ideas away from being the show it once was. But it’s also a few bad ideas away from becoming an overkilled sitcom that just needs to be put to bed. This episode walked that line holding hands with Leslie Knope. How long can she stay in this town that refuses to let her make it better? How long can this series really go on?

The Wall wasn’t a bad episode, it just wasn’t a great one either. Leslie needs to find something to strive for. Tom needs to get a different storyline, if any at all. Parks and Rec. can still be saved, but it’s going to take some big decisions to do it. Grade: B

By Matt Dougherty

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