Parks and Recreation: “Two Funerals” Season 7 Episode 11 Review

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Pawnee’s mysterious mayor has died, and it’s up to the Parks team to find a replacement.

But the nature of Mayor Walter Grunderson reveal/death were hilarious. None other than Bill Murray showed up to lie in a casket with an ever-so-slight grin on his face. His video goodbye was hilariously delivered. Then there was Ethel Beavers’ confession of love for the mayor during his open marriage. What a fun guest appearance to help wrap up the series.

Now the gang is left with the tiny matter of who rill run Pawnee in the interim. Ben, April, and Garry interview many of Pawnee’s most lovable citizens, including Joan Callamezo, Dr. Saperstein (accompanied by his daughter Mona-Lisa), the Douche, and Bobby Newport (welcome back Paul Rudd!). But April sees this as an opportunity for Ben to redeem himself for the travesty that was his mayorship back when he was 18. At first, Ben agrees, but later realizes that the best man for the job is Garry. It may just be for two months, but Garry as mayor is a cute payoff for the character at the butt of the majority of the Parks Department’s jokes. The ceremony Leslie throws for him with the hot-air balloon and everything was a nice touch to top it off.

The other major plot of “Two Funerals” was Tom figuring out how to propose to Lucy. With Tom absent from the last three episodes, this feels very rushed. The 007-esque video Leslie helped him make was funny, but there’s very little substance for this relationship to build upon. Parks and Rec. ending with the two of them happily dating would have been more than enough. Though I will admit that the proposal itself was very cute.

“Two Funerals” was a strong enough penultimate episode to keep the recent streak of quality output going. Heading into the finale, Garry and Tom feel nearly complete, even if the latter maybe has too much icing on the cake. There’s not much time left Parks fans. Just one left. Grade: B+


Some Other Notes From the Pawnee Newsletter:

– “Goodnight you animal.”

– Anyone looking to do a Parks and Rec. spinoff should look no further than Ron and Typhoon, his new barber.

– “Money please!”

– The guest stars really started to get big in this episode. But I assume the best are being saved for last. Looking forward to a Leslie and Ann reunion in the finale.


By Matt Dougherty

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