Parks and Recreation: Two Parties Review

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Parks and Rec. started 2013 off right with a really fun and ultimately touching episode.

Two Parties was the most fun I’ve had with these characters yet in season five. With the newly engaged couple of Leslie and Ben in the mix, their respective best friends, Ann and Chris, are planning bachelorette and bachelor parties.

But for Leslie, Lot 48 intervenes as her nemesis on the council, Jamm, plans to build a burger joint over the land that started it all. To be honest, this story kind of flounders a bit, mostly because the boys are off having so much fun and a Leslie Knope bachelorette party is something I really want to see.

Instead we got all the girls burying fake Indian artifacts to stop the restaurant from being built. She feels guilty and admits it ut doesn’t really get in any trouble. It was kind of a rough story but Jamm is a worthy foe to Leslie and this episode continued to prove that.

Still though, the guys had so much fun this week that it was null. Ben’s ideal bachelor party is a quiet card game with his buddies. Naturally, Tom and the others kind of disagree. That is, until they realize that none of the others who had been married before, all but Chris, never had a bachelor party. Think about it: Tom was in a green card marriage, Andy and April had a surprise wedding, Ron was married to Tammy 1 and then Tammy 2, and who would throw a bachelor party for Jerry? The night included drinks, ice cream, steak, the Indianapolis Colts, and some of the best Jerry bashing ever. These guys may not have been best friends when the show started, but they certainly are now.

In the end, they all realized Chris didn’t get to have his moment, so they encourage him and predict his future marriage, with Andy hilariously describing his death so Chris can marry April. What a great night out with the guys. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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  1. Klaus Teuber says:

    Settlers of Catan is no mere card game.

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