Parks and Recreation: Women in Garbage Season 5 Episode 11 Review

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Parks and Rec. was in high spirits this week with a cheery and fun episode.

This week’s entry found Leslie once again tackling sexism in Pawnee. First off, April’s comments sending feminism back a century were absolutely hysterical. But then Leslie puts together a gender equality committee and no men show up. Getting into a tiff with the sanitation department, the men don’t think the women can handle taking care of the town’s garbage. Leslie and April are up for the challenge. April killed it again with her overblown enthusiasm. Same goes for her going through peoples’ garbage.

Naturally, they hit a road block when they can’t lift a refrigerator. But it turns out the men can’t lift it either. Leslie got what she wanted and this show continues to be one of the strongest out there from a feminist standpoint.

Meanwhile, Ron Swanson is left to babysit Diane’s two daughters. You can imagine the results. Watching Ron take care of the kids was oddly cute, which made him pawning them off to Ann disappointing. But it came out that Ron loves Diane, and know what? I’m down for that. Plus we got to see her kids tease him to the point where he storms out of the room and screams “I love nothing!”. But Diane said it back, making them the cutest couple on the show at this time.

The smallest plot fo the night saw Andy and Ben teaching Tom how to play basketball so he can relate to his customers better. I like that Tom is taking “Rent-a-Swag” seriously enough to do this. But when three kids challenge them to some three-on-three, we got some great things like Andy pushing kids down, Tom only pivoting, and Ben saying one of the kids was bad at being polite after a snarky remark. Ben managed to lift Tom’s spirits though, giving us a happy ending.

All in all, Women in Garbage was a fun episode that offered tons of sweet moments and some nice developments. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty


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