‘Prometheus’ Review: Great Spectacle, Boring Everything Else

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Ridley Scott’s return to science fiction is not a bad film, it just isn’t a good one either.

Prometheus suffers from a few big problems that just thrusts all the hard work put in on the technical side into a film that never really captures you and makes you invested. It’s a shame really, since the cast is fantastic and there are several good performances here. The script is what is lacking. The only interesting character is a robot, and the plot meanders a lot before reaching its conclusion.

That being said there are a few great moments that will remind you of the Ridley Scott that made Alien back in 1979. One particularly traumatic sequence sees Noomi Rapace having to…well, you’ll know when you see it.  The connections to Alien are certainly interesting, just because we have not had a true movie in this universe since 1997’s Alien: Resurrection (the Alien vs. Predator movies are just too awful to count).

However, because Prometheus follows a plot structure that is nearly a carbon copy of the original, it becomes way too predictable. Again though, this is not a bad film. There is not a moment in Prometheus where I thought it was bad, it just never did anything interesting with the intriguing ideas set up in the beginning.

The cast is one strong part of this film though. Michael Fassbender gives the standout performance as the android David. Another good performance comes from the lead, Noomi Rapace, who does everything that she can with her sadly underwritten role. Hopefully this will get her some more recognition and she can become a mainstay in American cinema.

Charlize Theron and Idris Elba do their fair share of scenery chewing, but again, their characters are so weak that it doesn’t matter how good they are.

The special effects are a standout, naturally, as Scott has the best of the best working on his attempt to revive the film that made him who he is today. The visuals are certainly epic and if the story was able to reach the same level of quality then we would really have something here.

Prometheus ends up being one of the first true disappointments of the summer, mainly because it looked so good. But when I left the theater all I really felt was “meh”. Sadly Prometheus will never become the unforgettable film that Alien is. So what comes out next week? Grade: C

3 Responses to ‘Prometheus’ Review: Great Spectacle, Boring Everything Else

  1. jim says:

    Really boring movie. Another “Hugo”, if you will. People want to be entertained when they go see a movie–on this point alone Prometheus fails miserably.

    The worst part of this movie is that the story is so stupid and riddled with plotholes that it insults your intelligence and just kills your suspension of disbelief.

    The best science fiction movie in the past 3 years remains District 9–made on a small budget yet was superbly entertaining and thought-provoking. Even “Moon” by Duncan Jones (another sci-fi movie made on a small budget) kicks Prometheus’ ass bigtime.

    Ridley Scott hasn’t made a good movie since Black Hawk Down. I think part of the problem is that he has not chosen good scripts lately. Visually, Ridley Scott is a genius but movie audiences want a story and characters they can relate to–Prometheus is such a huge disappointment in this respect. Nice visuals but no heart. Prometheus never connects with the audience at any point, and this is a real problem. Even the corny Dances with Smurfs by James Cameron was miles better than Prometheus because audiences could relate to some aspects of the story and characters.

    Honestly, since 1986’s Aliens, there hasn’t been a truly great sci-fi movie. Aliens just hit all the right buttons–great characters, great suspense and thrills, and great action. Who can forget Ripley in mum mode kicking the alien queen’s ass? It just connects instantly with audiences–there was no need for tons of meaningless semi-mysterious dialogue like in Prometheus. Everyone understands how ferocious a mum can get when defending her child, people get this instantly. There is nothing like this in Prometheus, just emotionless dialogue and characters doing stupid irrational things.

    Wish that movie directors in general would study Aliens and get back to basics. Seriously folks, this is not rocket science–people just want to be entertained. If you’re going to spend hundreds of millions on a movie, (1)don’t insult the audience’s intelligence and (2)make sure the movie is entertaining. Look at Avengers 2012, not a classic by any means but entertaining and it cleaned out at the box-office.

    Heck, even The Artist 2011 was way more entertaining than Prometheus–and it was made on a $15 million budget in black and white! If Blade Runner 2 is going to be more drivel like Prometheus, seriously Scott–don’t bother.

  2. Mathias says:

    Agree with 95% of what you say, but I was invested at some point in the movie… only to be let down by the time the credits came

  3. BLACKZILLA says:

    didnt even watch the last 25 mins, boring as fuck!

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