Revolution: Chained Heat Review

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Does NBC’s high concept adventure series improve with the second episode? Yes, but barely.

Chained Heat was better than the pilot. But the show still has a long way to go before I can say it is good television. Unfortunately the show cannot get past its unbearably ridiculous premise. It doesn’t help that the plot doesn’t make sense most of the time.

Charlie is not an interesting protagonist in the slightest. Her uncle, however, is a bit more compelling. Too bad the dialogue is awful, leaving bad actors to deliver bad lines. That is a death sentence for this show, no matter how many sword fights you can fit into an hour.

One side character tonight took out her iPhone and tried to rile up some tears for the pictures of her dead children on the phone. It’s been fifteen years. Also what kind of parent are you if you don’t have a couple photos around the house that you can take with you? This show makes no sense.

The highlight of the night was Charlie’s mother, the first character I can truly get behind. The flashbacks were the only part of the night worth watching. The end twist that her mother is in fact alive is a bit interesting, but I won’t be coming back next week.

Sorry NBC but your cheap attempts to get viewers aren’t fooling me. Revolution is a dud and there are better shows to put energy into watching every week. Grade: D+

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  1. Ryan says:

    I decided to would watch Revolution at DISH Online while the wife and I were on our way to the airport yesterday. After two episodes I am positive that the protagonist isn’t uninteresting. I think she is just UBER annoying. If it was not for her uncle I probably would have stopped watching just because of her unmoving “we’re family” speech the last episode. The fighting scenes are what I am holding on to though. I was talking to this guy that works at DISH with me and he agrees that if they don’t start picking up on the writing the season might be over before it even get half way.

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