Revolution: Pilot Review: This New Adventure Series Lacks Electricity

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Boring characters, bad writing, and a far too bold premise plague the latest attempt at high octane TV.

Revolution is about a world that has suffered from a global blackout including electricity, batteries, and several other items that seem too ridiculous to be true (Why aren’t there inhalers? Or guns?). Fifteen years later, people have evacuated the cities and returned to a much simpler way of living. The idea is fine but the execution is just awful. Had the show slowed down a second to explore how people have changed since the blackout instead of rushing past it, this pilot could have showed a lot more promise.

Another big mistake was making the main character never really getting to experience the digital age aside from cartoons. There is no struggle to relate to here, unless you count the poorly executed moments with her and her father. Had the character remembered the time where technology ruled the world watching her adapt to her situation could have been fascinating. Instead we get a history deprived lead who refers to Google as “that computer thing”.

None of the other characters are particularly worth paying attention to either. Her two companions are utterly lifeless, as is her brother. The villain does a good job of scowling at the camera, but he is just your typical antagonist with no resemblance of originality.

The last fifteen minutes or so of the episode does show some promise. The only potentially interesting figure, the lead’s uncle, shows up. Plus we get one of the best action scenes I have ever seen on TV (Games of Thrones still has that title though).

But it is not good enough to make up for what was ultimately a boring pilot that fails to explore any interesting ideas. While the action is good, the dialogue and acting are just atrocious. Revolution appears to be the latest failed attempt by NBC to cash in a popular trend. Grade: D+


2 Responses to Revolution: Pilot Review: This New Adventure Series Lacks Electricity

  1. Frank says:

    Totally agree. Big old yawnfest. Worst thing the non-engaging characters.

  2. Stirling Fan says:

    Revolution is a complete rip-off of S.M. Stirling’s novel Dies A Fire.

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