It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Reynolds vs. Reynolds: The Cereal Defense Season 8 Finale Review

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Another fantastic episode of It’s Always Sunny this week had me laughing out loud at a trial to determine who is at fault in a car accident between Dennis and Frank.

The opening scene shows Dennis eating a bowl of cereal while at a standstill in his car, and then being rear-ended by Frank. Dennis wants Frank to pay for the interior damages. Due to Dennis’ bench warrants for sexual misconduct, and Frank’s large collection of unregistered guns, they can’t take the case to a real court. So the gang decides to take things into their own hands.

An absolutely hilarious trial ensues, with Charlie serving as representation for Frank, and Dee for Dennis. The courtroom setup of the episode is absolutely one of my favorites this season, and this just may be one of the more classic episodes of the series. The episode I can most closely compare it to is season 7’s “CharDee MacDennis”, with the interruptions between testifying witnesses feeling similar to the time in between rounds of the board game.  All the while, everyone’s feelings on the trial are charted on Mac’s homemade Trial Meter.

Charlie putting his Law and Order gained legal knowledge to work is always fun to watch, especially during the “donkey brains defense” he presents. When Dee starts questioning Mac on his theories about superhumans and gets into Mac’s arguments against science, it starts off entertaining, but goes on for slightly too long and was the only part of the episode that started to lose me a little. Things pick back up though when Dee reminds everyone why it’s important to her that people take responsibility in car accidents: the guys have destroyed every single car Dee’s ever owned without even mention of reparations. The reenactment in the street that ultimately somehow places the blame on Dee was a perfect and hilarious ending to this episode and the season. I also have to mention that although it was a small moment, I thought that having a patron sitting at the bar the entire time this trial was going on was so funny.

This episode of It’s Always Sunny, much like last week’s, focused on the ridiculous characters and the situations they insert themselves into. Without a doubt, that’s when this show is at its funniest. Something they’ve been doing this season that I love so much which was present again tonight is alluding to past storylines, reminding us of the gang’s hilarious past hi-jinx. Past episodes have been way too obvious about it, sometimes purposely, but I feel that this week they did it subtly and perfectly. It was such a strong ending to the season, and makes me wish that there were more than ten episodes to enjoy. Grade: A

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