Rick and Morty: “A Rickle in Time” Season 2 Premiere Review

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After a long gap between seasons, Rick and Morty is finally back, and doesn’t appear to have lost any of what made it great during the break.

“A Rickle in Time” relies a bit more on continuity than we’re used to for this series. Coming off of the end of “Ricksy Business,” time is still frozen as Rick, Morty, and Summer clean up from the party just as Jerry and Beth return home. But messing with time causes some uncertainty, leading to an alternate timeline.

Viewed like a split-screen video game, the episode didn’t really look or sound like and episode of Rick and Morty before it. It was a testament that the story remained as funny as it was, considering half the dialogue was unintelligible. But having Morty and Summer whine over each other and themselves proved how confident this show is with its characters. The plot moved in an innovative way without forgetting the humor. No, “A Rickly in Time” was no “Rixty Minutes” in terms of laughs, but there was enough here to keep us amused.

Meanwhile, Jerry and Beth go on a little adventure of their own to save a wounded deer, even though Beth is a horse surgeon, not a deer surgeon. Beth is definitely the most under-developed character on the show right now, so giving her a B-plot that made her into a manic animal surgeon confident in her abilities was both fun and fleshed out the cast a little more.

The episode ended with two very sweet moments. First, Rick sacrifices himself to save Morty before finding the collar to return to normal time. Then, Jerry has the deer shipped to the best deer surgeon in the world, which he reveals to be his wife, as she gets a second stab at the animal in a more private setting. The show doesn’t always go the cutsey route, which is why it worked here, but I do hope it won’t be a trend for the second season.

After such a long break, “A Rickle in Time” was exactly the Rick and Morty episode we needed. It reminded us of all the reasons we loved the show while including some innovative storytelling. There’s no sign of a sophomore slump for the best adult cartoon on TV. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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