Rick and Morty: “Get Schwifty” Season 2 Episode 5 Review

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Rick and Morty rarely puts anyone besides its titular characters and their immediate family in any sort of danger. “Get Schwifty” completely changed that, putting the entire planet at stake from giant floating heads that make different planets participate in an intergalactic American Idol, destroying every planet but the winner.

It was funny to have Rick immediately bring Morty to the Pentagon once the head shows up. Having Rick working so closely with the government, even for something as ridiculous as coming up with a hit song to please the giant head, was a refreshing change of pace from the planet hopping nature of the series.

But by involving the entire planet, Rick and Morty loses a little bit of what makes it so special. Having everyone in on the weirdness didn’t work. You end up missing things like Beth and Jerry having a very real conversation about their marriage in front of a giant slug monster carrying space-AIDS.

The B-plot in “Get Schwifty” had Summer joining a head-worshipping cult that sent blasphemers to the skies attached to balloons. While Beth and Jerry had serious discussions about the religious freedoms of their daughter, Summer suddenly joining a cult didn’t sell itself very well. It didn’t help that when the show went into the issue of different faiths clashing, the jokes were delivered in an identical matter to the race relations ones in “Auto Erotic Assimilation.”

The obvious highlight of this episode was Ice-T, who is apparently actually made of ice and can fly. It was Rick and Morty using its imagination to enhance something normal to something totally bonkers without blinking.

The rest of “Get Schwifty” played it a little too safe. It was certainly amusing throughout, but the humor felt a little easier than usual. Rick coming up with crappy lyrics to a crappy hit song has far less layers than any single moment of “Total Rickall.” But I admittedly still laughed. Grade: B-

By Matt Dougherty

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